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Sketchbook Faces

Sketchbook ‘Faces’.

The Tale Of Mr. Rêvus

The Tale Of Mr. Rêvus

The 12min 3D animated shortfilm ‘The Tale Of Mr. Revus’ by Marius Herzog.


The Dock

Client // None Agency // None Year // 2012 //// A concept design of a SciFi spaceship dock. Photoshop.


Alien zBrush Study

A quick MUC-NUE sketch turned into a more detailed weekend project…


Euflor Characterdesign

Characterdesign for Euflor, a commercial produced by 4Gewinnt Filmproduktion.


20 Menschen

Practicing drawing the human figure.



A portrait series of the short-short story “Aristocrats”.


Balloon City

Ballloon city. Tools: Photoshop.



A portrait series of the short-short story “Aristocrats”.


Cubic Material Icons

An excerpt of the cubic, orthographic material icon collection for the iOS app “PaintMyMinis”


SciFi Weapon Concept

A concept design study with a science fiction weapon theme.


ConceptDesign Reel 2013

My ConceptDesign work from the last years in one fast minute.

Oct 13

Indie Point-And-Click Creature Development

Last year the team of an indie game contacted me for doing concept designs of characters and environments for their point and click adventure project. As a kid I loved point-and-click adventures so it was just logical for me to get on board. ;) Since this project is an indie project it develops slowly. All [...]

Apr 27

“3erlei” exhibition in Nuremberg

Im happy being part of an exhibition in Nuremberg “3erlei”, where Steffen Kirschner (photography), Stefan Klingenberger (photography) and myself presenting some works. Im presenting the portrait series of my short-short story “Aristocrats”. Here are some images of the vernissage happend on the 12th of april 2014. The exhibition takes place in the “Ehrenhalle” of the [...]

Feb 24

Extendet SpitPaint

Just wanted to test some brushes in a SpitPaint…

Jul 19

The Incredible Artist

Wow. This is an old one. 9 years old… it was my first ambitious film project. I made this stop-motion shortfilm 2004 as part of my application to the Georg-Simon-Ohm Hochschule Nürnberg for Mediadesign. Took me quite some time. Too bad I didnt have a digital DSLR that time so it is just PAL… compared [...]