SciFi Weapon Concept

Client // None Agency // None Year // 2013 ////

A concept design study with a science fiction weapon theme.


Conceptual the weapon is a close combat handgun with a plasma core. The metal underneath the muzzle gets quite hot during opperation and therefore there are savety metalplates so the user does not burn himself.

Intital sketches to explore different shapes

Furthermore the weapon is tied to a specific, registered user. The user is identified with a DNA sensor on both sides of the grip (the thin shiny metall on the on the back of the rubber). Otherwise the gun does not fire.

After I made a decision which form I liked the most I made a couple of color and paint variations of the case.

Color and paint variations

I wanted to achieve a battle worn look for the model and texturing so I threw in many scratches and some dirt. Modelling and rendering in Softimage.