Alien zBrush Study

A quick MUC-NUE sketch turned into a more detailed weekend project: an alien bust. Really love DynaMesh for testing shapes, not worrying about awkward mesh deformations or running out of polygons. Especially if you’re just doodling, not knowing where the journey will take you.

I didn’t think of an alien bust before I started. Okay… aliens happen very fast. ;)

Lets start with a 3/4 portait:


And here the turntable!

This time I wanted to incorporate more high frequency details like small wrinkles, veins and pores. I ran into problems in Softimage though because even after using DecimationMaster the mesh was too dense to render (it was possible, but it took ages for a frame). Since I didnt wanted to render deformation animation on this guy, he didnt get a retopology pass with displacement map applied.


In a nutshell, I really need to do a lot more zBrush stuff. Amazing piece of software with endless possibilities. Hope Pixologic will release all updates for free in the future too. ;)

Sculpting and detailing in zBrush, rendering in Softimage (MentalRay).

3D Print @ Shapeways